Pick the Beginner Board that Fits you Best - Take Powerhouse Surf's Advice before You Buy Softech, Softlite, Catch Surf, or Gnaraloo Foam Surfboards For Sale Online

No pain, no gain. You can make beginner's mistakes when you're surfing for the first time. That's all right. You'll find ample videos on the internet, you can train secretly at home before going to the beach, and when the day comes to face the waves, your friends will help you. Anyone can learn this fun sport. Consider that some people need a bit longer, but once they've mastered the art, they'll make hardly any mistakes at all.

When it comes down to buying your board, however, mistakes are a no-no. Whether you pay $100 for a board or five times that amount, choose the right board. However, what are the things you should pay attention to; it's not so simple with about 300 brands of boards? Which one is best?

Take Powerhouse Surf's advice if you want to buy foam surfboards online

Hardly a better board exists for beginners than the foam surfboard, also known as a foamie. Most foamboards are made from polyurethane, polystyrene, expanded polystyrene or extruded polystyrene. These materials combine buoyancy with security. The foam is also gentler if a big wave should make you fall because the impact won't be so hard. You'll get up again and continue without fear. While all materials are eco-friendly, polystyrene surfboards are a bit greener than their polyurethane counterparts.

A large surfboard with a large volume offers better stability and manoeuvrability. Start by riding the small waves to test your foam surfboard. You'll see it's not so difficult, even if you haven't entirely mastered the paddle technique yet.

Don't assume that the soft foam isn't very strong. The chance of denting upon impact is relatively small. Soft foam is highly durable and is unlikely to crack or split over time.

Among foam surfboards, there are still plenty of choices. Before you randomly buy foam surfboards online, allow Powerhouse Surf from Perth to highlight four brands for you.

Four reliable brands

  • Gnaraloo surfboards: Named after a highly popular surfing location in the Shire of Carnarvon, Western Australia, Gnaraloo is one of the top-end labels in foam surfboards. Their boards are durable, and the design is ultra-safe. Many adults buy their children a Gnaraloo to learn the skill because they are buoyant, stable, and easy to ride.
  • Catch Surf surfboards: As soon as summer arrives, you'll see many people carry an Odysea board from Catch Surf. While the Odysea is an excellent board for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers love this model too. It's famous for its float, and paddles very lightly. The board is rumoured to catch more waves. Some dismiss this claim, but there's only one way to find it out, isn’t there?
  • Softech surfboards: Also for sale at Powerhouse Surf, these boards combine fun with performance. The boards are handmade and can take some bumps which would damage other boards beyond repair.
  • Softlite surfboards: This company prides itself on crafting the boards with the best shapes, designed by professional surfers and shapers. Ideal for both beginners and all advanced levels of surfer and the colours are downright smashing.

Do you want to know more about these four brands or our other products? Give us a call or send us an email. We're at your service!