Our Range of Cheap and Foam Surfboards Available For Sale in Perth

Have you been thinking of starting to surf but not sure where to begin? Surfing is an extremely fun and addictive sport, not to mention a perfect way to spend a beautiful day here in Perth. Yet, surfboards and equipment can be expensive and figuring out what is best for a beginner can be challenging. At Powerhouse Surf, we make it easy for you to get started surfing by offering cheap surfboards here in Perth. If you are an amateur surfer looking to buy surfboards in Perth, we have you covered! With a large selection of cheap boards, from top brands such as Lost and Rusty, you will be able to find the right equipment online to get you out onto the water. Shop our surfboards for sale in Perth to get started today!

A Short Guide to our Starter Surfboards for Sale in Perth

We have quite the variety available to beginner surfers in our online store, from boardshorts and rashguards to foam surfboards. In Perth, getting started surfing has never been easier. Here’s a short guide of what we offer to get you started surfing!

Cheap Surfboards:Professional surfers and those who have been surfing their whole life don’t mind dropping thousands on their new board, but for those starting out, it’s best to look for something on the more affordable side of the spectrum. With low to mid-range boards available from brands such as Lost, and a selection of Surfboards always on sale, at Powerhouse Surf you will be able to find what fits your budget. While surfboards are an investment, they don’t have to break the bank!

Surfing Apparel:Aside from boards, we offer all the gear you need to protect you when out in the water. Top boardshorts from trusted brands such as Quiksilver and Ripcurl will keep you looking great and well covered when out surfing. Our rashguards and thermal tops too will keep you warm, and your body protected from the water while enjoying a day out on your new board. All of these come in options that will fit your budget while offering you the highest quality available.

Essentials For Your Board:We offer all the essentials that you need for your new board too. Waxes and fins are available for your purchase, to equip your new board with everything it needs. Deck grips and board repair options ensure that your board will be well looked after and that you will perform your best while surfing.

Shop Online For All Your Surf Needs Today

Shop online here today to browse our large selection of surfboards and equipment to get started surfing today! We have all the right gear for amateur surfers, at prices you will be sure to afford. At Powerhouse Surf we are all about bringing the joy and rush of surfing to all our customers and are always happy to help you with your surf needs.