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The Icycool has a curvy outline, with an increased sweet spot that straightens through to the tail. A tail that is relatively pulled in at the 12"TW (tail width) point. Emphasising more drive over skatiness, giving the icycool more latitude from small sloppy waves, to hollow shoulder high conditions. The rocker is lowish, although not so flat through the nose curve as to sacrifice performance aspects, or cause it to be catchy. This rocker keeps the board in the critical section of the wave. Fast, loose and responsive. The Icycool is a very popular design for all surfers. A forgiving, balanced design, so its user friendly.


GR Concave Combo. Deep Double Concave into concave V Pod. This assists the board with faster rail to rail transitions and pocket surfing.


Rails: low boxy


Fins: Tri3 / QUAD5


Fin System: Future / FCSII


Tail Squash: Round or Thumb.


Wave size: 2 - 5 Foot


About Gunther Rohn 

Gunther Rohn knows a thing or two about surfboards. His label, Gunther Rohn Surfboards has been pumping out boards for the of the best surfers in the world for years on end and has lead to many WCT and WQS victories dating all the way back to the late 80's, starting with Nicky Woods first ASP victory at the Rip Curl Bells Beach Easter Classic in 1987 at only 16 years old.

The list of surfers who have ridden Gunther Rohn Surfboards is unprecedented...Sunny Garcia, Jake Patterson, Trent Munro, Darren O’Rafferty, Pancho Sullivan, Anthony Walsh and Dion Atkinson just to name a few. As well as surfers like Slater, AI, Curren, Pottz and Dusty Payne who have had some fun on Gunther's boards. Gunter Rohn loves to foster the junior surfers in their quest for professional careers, helping them progress from Junior titles to WQS and on to the elite WCT.

Travelling the world to places like Indo, Brazil, Hawaii, the US, Japan and Europe, and working with top level surfers has allowed Gunther to refine his designs and models, bringing some of the most high-performance craft available.

Boards like the Compressor, Icycool, V2 Rocket Fish and the G2 Pro have designed and refined to a tee to become popular models to the masses around the world.

40 plus years in the business and with his hands personally a part of every board coming out of the factory, ensures that Gunther Rohn Surfboards will bring you the best board suited exactly to your needs and abilities.

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