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5'10" X 21" X 2 7/8"

Core: Moulded Fusion X Core(EPS), 10lb Crosslink IXL Deck, Xtra Duralinx Slick, Re-inforced Double Bamboo Stringer System, Diamond Tail, Bones and Shanks Thruster Fin Set Up (No Screws on Deck)

We consider the Tombstone a reverse Mullet. Party at the Front and Business at the back.

It does however, solve the dilemma of what to ride in average waves. With the Longboard template up from, and shortboard at the back, you�ve got the best of both worlds under your feet.

With all the volume crammed into the front half, you�re going to be catching heaps of waves to start with. This thing paddles like a rocket.

Once you�re up, generating speed or ploughing through sections is a breeze when surfing off your front foot. Decent width through the top half also keeps it nice and stable, which is particularly noticeable, and allows you to hold some speed when coming out of turns.

The back half of the template allows you to put the board on rail, as you would a normal shortboard. It will give you plenty of control through turns and the required hold in hollower waves.

All in all, an epic little addition to the range suitable for most levels of surfing. Rippers will still rip on it, and intermediate surfers will appear to be surf better than they actually can.

At 5�10, the grom�s will still be able to throw it around, while it�d comfortably float someone up to 90-100kg if they could surf.