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SHARK SHIELD FREEDOM+ Surf Transferable Power Module FRSSOOA (battery pack)

$399.00 AUD


Pre-order now for October dispatch.

Powered by Shark Shield technology, the Transferable Power Module is the brains and power that drives the FREEDOM+ Surf and FREEDOM+ Surf - SHORTBOARD shark deterrent systems. Designed to sit in the kicker of the custom FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad, it is lightweight and can be transferred between any boards fitted with the Tail Pad / Antenna and Tail Pad / Antenna - SHORTBOARD.


NOTE: this product is included in the FREEDOM+ Surf and FREEDOM+ Surf - SHORTBOARD and only really needs to be purchased separately as a spare or replacement.



The world’s only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical shark deterrent. Nothing is more effective. 

Proven to deter Great Whites, Tiger and Bull Sharks.

Easily transferred to any board fitted with the FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad / Antenna or Tail Pad/ Antenna - SHORTBOARD.

Long-life 6-hour rechargeable lithium battery allows you to have a couple of surfs on the one charge.

LED power on/off button and battery life indicator.

Comes with a charging dock with international options.

Not suitable for children under 14, pregnant women or those with certain medical conditions. Read more here.

Covered by Ocean Guardian's Standard Warranty