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$999.00 - 1099.00


The Rare Bird. It started out in the category of ‘small wave performance’ but quickly appealed to an audience of surfers who rode it in small onshore summer slop through to 6 foot barrelling waves in Indonesia. The feedback was always, “This is the most versatile surfboard ever, it just works”! From here the Rarest Bird emerged… with more volume and foam, this versatile hybrid appeals to a wide range of surfers looking for a performance surfboard that does it all.


OUTLINE: The wide point is pushed further forward than most boards to create more curve under the chest and front foot for ease of paddling and speed in dead sections. The classic round tail traverses easily from beach to reef and point waves while producing a feeling of sturdiness under your back foot.


ROCKER: Medium entry and a fast exit provides, what we feel, is the perfect balance of speed and flow for surfers wanting a board that will react quickly and fulfil their expectations as they execute turns on a wave. I.e. This board does the work for you!


CONTOURS: The single to double concave is a very effective combination that compliments the outline and rocker and gives you a fast and responsive board in conditions that are not only sub-par but have more power and size.


PERFORMANCE: Designed to be ridden 1 inch shorter than your typical shorty, the Rarest Bird can be classified as a one board ‘take anywhere’ quiver. It has all the attributes of a performance board; speed, responsiveness and control, but the main difference is the extra buoyancy and floatation that makes it more forgiving and usable for the everyday surfer. For the intermediates, this is a great board to take your surfing to the next step without loosing paddle power or speed. Advanced surfers can take it around the world and feel comfortable in any conditions on offer.


Fin Recommendations: Thruster – FCS II Performer, Quad – FCS II Accelerator Sides + Performer Quad Rears. These ‘all-round’ fin options suit the rounded narrower tail and produce a neutral feel that won’t discriminate against anyone.



NOTE: Fins NOT supplied with the board / Rider weight is based on board volume and intermediate rider skill level

LengthWidthThickVolumeFinsApprox Weight Range

5'419 1/22 3/1624.5FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)55kg / 122lb

5'619 3/42 5/1627.5FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)60kg / 132lb

5'820        2 3/829.8FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)65kg / 143lb

5'920 1/82 7/1631FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)70kg / 154lb

5'1020 1/42 1/232FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)70kg / 154lb

5'1120 3/82 1/233.3FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)75kg / 165lb

6'020 1/22 1/234FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)75kg / 165lb

6'220 3/42 9/1636.3FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)80kg / 176lb

6'421        2 5/838.6FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)80kg / 176lb

6'621 1/42 3/441.8FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)85kg / 188lb

6'822        2 3/444FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)85kg / 188lb

6'1022 1/42 7/847.8FCSII Performer (Not Supplied)90kg / 198lb