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Medium (65kg - 88kg)

Ride Number 6.3 (thruster) 5.9 (quad)

Side Fins - Height 4.51 | Base 4.53 | Area 15.15 | Foil - Flat

Centre Fin - Height 4.51 | Base 4.53 | Area 15.15 | Foil - Symm

Rears Fins - Height 4.01 | Base 4.11 | Area 11.48 | Foil - Flat

The new Pyzel 5-fins designed by North Shore shaper Jon Pyzel are offered in both medium and large sizes . The Thruster fins are the same as his proven original Control Series templates, featuring a wide base and refined tip for performance surfing, and the unique carbon/honeycomb lay up makes them very light, with more flex through the tip of the fins. This flex is especially evident in slightly weaker surf as it helps create speed and spring as you push through turns. The quad rears are a more upright version of the thruster template to allow for more pivotal turning, and the flat inside foils create better release and increased maneuverability. This 5-fin set is designed to compliment a wide variety of boards, and will get you stoked and confident in average to powerful surf.