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An ancient Roman military unit, comprising six centuries, equal to one tenth of a legion.  

The COHORT series is a new collection of models designed for versatile performance, yet each in a different genre. COHORT__I (ie. written using a Roman numeral 1) is the staple shortboard in the lineup, which rides fast and free.  

Building upon a rockerline used in many of the HS shortboards; it allows this board to be effortless and fast flowing between turns. A balanced volume distribution throughout puts performance and sensitivity at the forefront, whilst allowing for paddling easability.  

A medium to deep single to double concave generates plenty of lift for surfing typical, everyday conditions - whilst still delivering the control needed for when the waves light up. Our upcycled FutureFlex heel & toe glass/carbon patches are made from manufacturing waste which also add great compressive durability to the tail of your board.  

Sized up to be ridden in your standard shortboard dimensions and litres, it’s the all-purpose soldier in your quiver.

Wave Height2-6ft+ Wave Faces

Wave Type All Conditions

Skill LevelBeginner to Advanced

Fin Setup3 Fin