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Latin for "Fishes"Born from the element of water, Oldest of the Zodiac signs.

Change is constant,
Evolution is everywhere,
And everything must evolve.
To remain static is to die,
In life... and in design.

For three years, we've celebrated a quarter century of the #RoundNoseFish'96.
In those years, we've built thousands of them.

Many of them custom ordered, designed, and shaped with specific dims and details.
Considering it's based on a 25-year-old design, it's impossible not to want to adapt, adjust, and fine-tune the curves along the way.

For friends, team riders, myself, we did just that.
A tuck here and a nip there.
A little more curve and a little less bulk.

Blend the rocker, scoop the concave, and refine the rails.
A bit shorter,
A bit wider,
And so on...

Adding multi-fin set-ups and a wing, back into the fray.
All the time, looking for more speed, more quickness, more precision, and more fun.

Over time, an almost completely new species of fish evolved.
A new species of PISCES.

The PISCES: The evolution of the performance fish subspecies, where precision is paramount.

An evolving design, focused on eliminating the stigma of arrested development in the post-modern fish genre.

Embracing all that came before and bridging the gap forward.

Turn tighter in the pocket, carve perpendicular on the face, fin-free control in the lip, and still skate freely across the flats.

The "PISCES" represents our vision of the fish as an all-around performance vehicle, effortlessly efficient as an everyday board.

Bad waves, good waves, mid-level surfers, elite pros... and every wave (and everyone) in between.

Born from the repeatedly proven #RNF96. Refinements include:

A more pulled-in nose, with added rocker up front and flatter between the feet.
Deeper concave through the mid-section and increased curve through the rail-line rocker, under the rear foot.
A mellow wing, aligned to work with the front fins.
Five fin boxes, for multiple options: Quad, Twin+2, Twin+1, straight Twin, for you loosey-goosey, cool kids, and even a Thruster, for you diehards.
Additional vee to the swallow tips and a scooped-out deckline in the tail that more closely mirrors the bottom curve and brings improved pocket control.
With these adjustments, we've created a souped-up, sleeked-down hot-rod that raises the level of precision and maneuverability, without jeopardizing speed and stability. Hell, it might even be faster.

-Matt Biolos