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Designed as an everyday utility board to semi-step up. A great travel board, that can handle some size, and a wide variety of conditions. The target surfer for this board is once again, the guy who tends to rides wider, thicker, high volume, relaxed rocker boards in small, daily surf...and struggles to find a suitable board for bigger, better, or more challenging days. Very well suited for solid East Coast hurricane and winter swells, crowded head high beach breaks, long winding points and really excels in strong offshore winds, or choppy, windy conditions. Similar features to the RetroGun: Flat, stable deck with full, steep, low apex rails = Float, paddle power and edge control. Forward wide point outline to a wedged beak nose = Wave catching and drive. Low entry rocker with accelerated tail rocker. Fast out the gate, yet turns tight in the pocket. Rolled vee in nose, flat under front foot, and a deep double concave vee cutting through the tail rocker. Slice though windchop and allow the higher volume to sit low in the water. Winged round pin tail = A release point to keep the board loose. It quickens up turns in moderate surf, without being detrimental in larger waves. The overall look, feel and vibe is once again very reminiscent of boards I built for myself (and a few brave friends) in the ‘80’s, for surfing in better days from Trestles to Salt Creek, and down to Mexico. A very user-friendly board, suited for surfers looking for a fast, fun, easy to paddle, alternative, that really works best when most hybrids are reaching their effective wave size limits. Adding to the fun, the RetroRipper comes standard with era specific, vintage ‘80’s “Mayhem”, ...Lost spiral and rail logos.

*Please note that the price displayed is for a white board with no spray

The rainbow rail spray pictured can be added for an extra $85. Sometimes the board you order may have the rail spray already added. In this case we will get in touch with you to see if you would still like to proceed and to process the extra cost.