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The Ocean Earth Joy Flight PU Surfboard is a very functional model built to suit a range of riders, plenty of volume with a nice wide outline. It is built to help you catch waves but is not too boaty to turn & perform. with five fin plugs you can ride in whatever configuration suits. The Joy Flight is addictive though so be prepared to want to ride this model over again.

This is exactly what especially surfers need in a surfboard to help them get as much actual surfing experience as possible. To become a better surfer, catching waves and increasing your confidence is the key, designed to be very buoyant and stable. so people develop their skills quicker and maximise their wave count

OUTLINE: The outline is the key to the JOY FLIGHT's stability. They took a section of a longboard, then tapered the nose to a semi-point and added a nice curved square tail, and by reducing the overall board length you maintain easier side-to-side turning.

ROCKER: Considered flat, the low rocker means this board paddles very quickly onto waves, and will maintain its speed once you’re up and riding. In this case flat equals flow, and less effort required from the rider to get the board up and going.

CONTOURS: Forward concave helps channel water efficiently across the flatter rocker, particularly when paddling and taking off. The back half of the board has a raised vee with double concave to offset the width, and allow for easier transitions from one rail to the other when performing turns.

FOIL: There’s lots of volume along the full length of the foil, but enough taper through the nose to avoid that ‘boat-like’ feel. The rails are full, but still soft which makes them forgiving as you glide across the face and connect your turns together.


5'8'' 21'' 2 1/2'' 35 ltr 
6'0'' 21 3/4'' 2 3/4'' 42 ltr 
6'4'' 22 1/2'' 2 7/8'' 48.1 ltr 
6'8'' 22 7/8'' 3'' 54 ltr