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WOO 300mm 12inch Wood POD Handboards - Bodysurfing Handplane

Woo Hoo there’s nothing quite like our beautifully crafted and shaped 300mm/12inch solid Cedar and Walnut Hand Body Soul® POD bodysurfing handboards!

The new POD handboard range, we now offer all three-size body surfing hand boards in two wood species joined together walnut centre and cedar sides.

Also, for the very first time, Shane has designed ergonomic palm hold and support on the handboard deck surface, between the new purposely custom-built 50mm/2inch hand strap retainer inserts to suit 50mm/2inch webbing strap.

Not like other bodysurfing handplanes use of a small 25mm/1inch surfboard plug and a thin handboard strap causing discomfort over the hand.

The palm support relieves the arm muscles from stress, typically from handplanes with flat decks and most of all holds your hand in place, prevents your hand from slipping out from under the double padded neoprene strap.


"WOO" = Length 300mm/12inch x Width 210mm/8.25inches x D 43mm/1.69inches

With two new wood species cedar and walnut, three bodysurfing POD handboard sizes are a "body surfing game-changer" CAD computer-aided design, precision CNC machining, laser engravings, hand-finished and hand-assembled.

Cedar and Walnut contrasting colours, natural wood grain variations, timber density and Sic Cut® shape make each handboard one-of-a-kind.

Without any doubt, the new Sustainable WOO Cedar and Walnut Neutral Buoyant POD handboard ensures improved performance in any surf condition, from beginners, casuals, to the elite dedicated bodysurfer looking for a brag-worthy unique product with outstanding performance, whilst offering natural swimming and paddling freedom, improved bodysurfing performance wave after wave, we highly recommend any of the Solid Wooden POD Handboards.

WOO Cedar Walnut Body Surfing Handboard Features

Volume = 705cm^3 or 705millilitres/0.186241 US Liquid gallon

Lifting Force = up to 90kg/198.416lb

Size = L 300mm/12inch x W 210mm/8.25inches x D 43mm/1.69inches

Weight = 380 to 410grams or 0.837757 to 0.903895pounds (this will vary due to grain density)

Deck = Convex with Palm Hold and Support

Bottom = Deep 18mm Concave with Keel Fin

The hand is strapped into the natural swimming position, directly above the board’s pivot point and keel fin

50mm/2inch Custom POD Designed Hand Strap Retainer (not a 25mm/1inch surfboard plug)

65mm/2.5inches Double Padded Neoprene (not 35mm/1.3inch strap)

50mm/2inch Adjustable Webbing Hand Strap

Adjustable Wrist Leash, left-handed users can change the wrist cord to the left side

Laser Engravings

Satin Finish

*Note: We highly recommend adjusting the hand strap snug once over your hand. With further use just slide your hand in between the strap and the deck palm support. This will ensure the Velcro remains attached and lasts for many years.


Protective Handboard Case And Hemp Drawstring Cover

Protect your bodysurfing POD handboard investment with a new environmentally friendly reusable packaging foam that can be repeatedly recycled, the environmental protection industry describes it as a never-recession material with so many advantages, including good impact resistance, moisture-proof and waterproof.


Therefore, with the proper care, your premium wood handboard will last years of quality bodysurfing, that you can then pass down from generation to generation.


Hemp Cover And Protective Case Features

Environmentally Friendly Heavy Weight 320gsm Hemp Cover

Impact Resistance Protective Case

Reusable Packaging

All Timber POD Handboards Decks Are Convex With Palm Support = Comfort In The Palm Of Your Hand

The Bottom Surface Is Concave With A Keel Fin = Optimum Lift, Speed, And Control In The Surf

The concave bottom and keel fin surface area are explicitly engineered for Rapid Lift versus Force in association with the mixture of air and water provides instant Lifting Force, Speed and Control; this will assist in your body surfing and handboarding wave-holding skills without your board sliding sideways.