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The original and best "RADIATOR" Mens Thermal Short John 1.50mm.

These will blow your mind. Only 0.5mm thick so fits and feels like a rashie. Throws out heat like a steamer!!

Radiator engineered and launched the world's original lightweight 0.5mm thermal vest more than two decades ago.    

Our exclusive 4-layer construction is still proven to outperform other similar products on the market.

Independent testing found our vests to be: lighter, warmer, provide greater ease of movement and last longer that similar products offered by other brands.


The secret is in our four layer construction which includes:

1. SCS slipskin lining for warmth and ease of movement

2. 93% closed cell neoprene core for less water entry

3. Titanium for added warmth

4. Nylon outer jersey which is durable and flexible


A Radiator vest can be worn just on its own or in layers underneath an existing wetsuit for an extra layer of warmth and incredible freedom of movement.