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What is Shark Eyes

Shark Eyes is a visual shark deterrent, designed and used by the most experienced watermen in Australian waters – abalone divers.

Abalone divers have more encounters with sharks in Australia on a regular basis than anyone. Shark Eyes has also been endorsed by marine scientists, shark researchers, abalone divers and professional water sports athletes.

We also offer a practical, Shark Safety Guide which contains detailed knowledge about shark behaviour and how you can lower risk. This Guide was developed by working closely with the people mentioned above, because nobody understands shark behaviour better.

How does it work?

1. Sharks have high visual capabilities

It is well known that sharks have superior senses. Research of late has discovered that this includes their vision – and they do in fact have high visual capabilities. Sharks have been found to detect surface prey visually (Strong, 1996) having high visual capabilities (Gruber & Cohen, 1985).

Sharks are ambush predators, relying heavily on the element of surprise to capture prey (Strong, 1996). Sharks employ predatory tactics which involve a risk assessment before attacking it’s prey (Lima & Dill, 1989). “Shark Eyes” aims to alter the sharks initial risk assessment thereby altering its “strike” behaviour to an “abort” behaviour (Martin et al., 2005).

Shark Eyes is unlike any of the sharks natural prey and is designed to mimic that of a human eye. Hours of Research has gone into designing a set of eyes that we know sharks can see. Science is unsure as to whether sharks can see colour or not though many scientists believe they can, they do know they can see contrast. Shark Eyes – the design of the eye – achieves depth of field through contrast.

Shark Eyes eliminates the predatory element of surprise.

When the element of surprise is gone, sharks often abandon their attack.


2. Sharks are ambush predators just like lions and Tigers. Like most land apex predators, shark predation relies heavily on the element of surprise. We know and have witnessed sharks change their behaviour and become more cautious once eye contact has been made.

Shark Eyes is designed to mimic human eye contact, making the shark feel like it has been spotted, taking away their element of surprise. This has the potential to change the behaviour of the shark and prevent an attack.

Why use Shark Eyes?

The threat of shark attack is slowly eating away at our carefree attitude as shark encounters and attacks are increasing in Australian waters. This is affecting our enjoyment in the ocean.


The intention of the Shark Eyes visual deterrent and the additional information booklet is to offer you practical information, make you feel safer and more confident in the water and importantly minimise your risk of an unwanted encounter or attack.


Sharks have high visual capabilities and rely on their vision when hunting

Mimicry is proven to work in nature- Shark Eyes deterrent is mimicking what is already working in nature.

Shark Eyes is non invasive (Does not harm any human or shark.) Regardless of your political opinion Shark Eyes is for everyone!

Shark Eyes is affordable-so that it can be accessed by all ocean lovers.

Shark Eyes can be applied to many different water craft-i.e. surfboards, bodyboards, fins, canoes, wetsuits, diving tanks, swimming apparel and more.

Shark Eyes does not need recharging and is not at risk of mechanical/electrical breakdown, as long as it is applied it is effective.

Due to a lack in scientific evidence at present, a way forward in minimising shark attacks is to trust the anecdotal evidence derived from professional watermen and women.

Having Shark Eyes watching out for you when you can’t, is a reassuring comfort.