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Quad Fish Softlite, Heavy duty slick bottom, Double Stringers, easy to surf.

Product Information

5'9 X 21 1/8" X 2 3/4" (42 Litres)

One of Softlites top performers every year

Plenty of thickness and hidden volume makes this board an easy sell for people looking to step down from a bigger board, or for bigger guys after a Summer softboard!

The 5'9 Model comes with a quad fin set up to provide plenty of drive in average waves.

The high widepoint, make these boards paddle extremely well, and catch waves easily for their size.

Materials: 100% Waterproof Moulded EPS Core, 10lb PE Deck, Xtra Duralinx Slick

Features: Reinforced Double Moulded Stringer system, Edge Trim System, Exoskeletal Strength Membrane, Leash Plug, Quad Fin Set Up with Bones and Shanks Fin System (No Screws on Deck).

Softlite Moulds - This ensures that every board comes out identical with no imperfections. It also creates a harder shell of EPS foam on the outside making Softlite boards stiffer and more durable than competitors who use similar cores.

No screws on deck -No kicking your toes on screws, looks good, easier to wax deck

Bones and Shanks Fin System - Easy to install and remove fins for retail staff and customers, Compatible with other fin two tab systems,Change your fins to suit conditions or alter board performance, New and improved fin design (stiffer and more streamlined).

Bamboo Stringer System - This is re-enforced with fibreglass taping to give the perfect amount of flex


COLOURS: colours may vary from week to week depending on the supply available

Please contact us prior to purchase to comfirm colours