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SurfEars 3.0 - NEW


SurfEars, earplugs that let sound in and keep water out. They come with changeable parts in different sizes that allow you to customize them for your ears in order to find a comfortable and secure fit.


SurfEars 3.0® is a revolutionary new product developed by a team of professional product designers and dedicated surfers from Sweden. SurfEars recognised that the critical difference between SurfEars and other earplug products is they not only protect ears from water, cold air, and contaminants but also maximise sound and subsequent balance essential for most water and board sports. Many of the earplugs on the market today block out sound, therefore large numbers of surfers choose to go without plugs. SurfEars was designed to keep the water out but also let the sound in, to enable users to stay connected to the environment.

    + ADDITION OF LEASH - An optional silicon leash is now attached to the plugs meaning there should be no excuses for losing plugs.  Leash can be removed if customer prefers to surf without leash.  Instructions on how to use leash included in the package.
    + IMPROVED ACOUSTICS - Enlarged sound canal area means better hearing.
    + HYDROPHOBIC COATING - Improved hydrophobic coating on mesh.
    + BETTER FIT - New shape secures plugs inside the ear more securely.  More contact points inside the ear.
    + IMPROVED WATER SEAL - Improved ear gel (ear bud) design provides a better fit for most users. 
    + The small gel is now smaller and the large gel is now larger fitting a greater range of ear sizes. 
    + Gel is now shorter providing a better fit for surfers with advanced ear canal closure.  
    + The outer ring on the gel is enlarged to provide an improved seal
    + New “red” colour highlights
    + New look sealed plastic packaging